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The company is located at 30 Simon Mazorodze Road, Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe. Lahama Trading (Pvt) Ltd has grown to become a giant manufacturer of PVC coated fabrics and all head-to-toe protective clothing (namely overalls, work suits, PVC & leather gloves, and mutton cloth just to mention a few products). As a recent development Lahama Trading has set up a factory shop at its Southerton premises. At Lahama Trading there is something for everyone and we recommend a visit to our factory shop where we have in stock quality clothing and accessories as well as protective clothing at very competitive wholesale prices.

Lahama Trading Pvt Ltd is a fully fledged PVC Glove factory which specialises in the manufacture & wholesale of Personal Protection Equipment, Safety Wear, Rain Wear, Reflector Vests and PVC Aprons for the Mining and Industrial Sectors locally and regionally. Our factory production line incorporates tried and tested technology which has been specially adapted to suit African conditions.

Staff Members have been trained to operate and maintain the machinery to exacting standards which ensures consistent quality in our production line and a low waste cycle.Current production levels are controlled at 2,500 pairs per 8 hour shift, how-ever the factory is designed to operate 24 hours or three 8 hour shifts which produce a total of 7,500 pairs per day at peak and we supply the full range of safety wear which includes Ear, Nose, Eye, Head and Body protection.

We have a staff compliment of 25 people to operate all systems in the factory. Lahama Trading Pvt Ltd is a 100% Zimbabwean Owned Company.

We have become well established in the local and regional markets, especially in the Mining and Industrial Sectors. Our Products are recognised as being of a high quality, tailor made for African conditions where durability and efficiency of supply are important factors. We have experienced constant growth in demand for our products, as a result we have been able to add new product lines to our diverse inventory and we are constantly observing trends to ensure we keep pace with customers’ requirements

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